How It Works

Recipients are immigrants, migrants or refugees who request specific items that they feel they need or want.
Connectors are organizations who are doing the important work of supporting immigrants, migrants and refugees. They have an established relationship with the people they work with and play a liaison role between the recipients and HYH.
Donors are the general public who visit the website to donate in a variety of ways.


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Recipients request specific items they need or want. They do this by working with a Connecting Organization. Once the Request Form is filled out, the Connecting Organization submits it to HYH for approval. Once approved, the requests are posted on the website. These requests get funded by donors who visit and browse around on the website and decide which requests they would like to fund. Items get shipped directly to the Connector Organization or directly to the Recipient.

Connectors are organizations or individuals who are working with and supporting Recipients. They are the liaison between the Recipients and HYH. Connectors work with Recipients to help them determine what they might want to request and then to find the item(s) at a store on-line so that the link to the item can be included on the Request Form. They also support Recipients to fill out the Request Form and get it ready to submit to HYH. Connectors are key in that they insure that Recipients feel safe and respected throughout this process. This non-profit would not be successful without Connectors.

Donors are the general public who visit the HYH website and donate in one of three ways.

  1. Donors can browse the Individual Requests that are posted and choose to donate to a specific request that interests them.
  2. Donors can make a general donation to HYH to support the organization to continue doing this important work into the future.
  3. Donors can become Sustaining Donors and sign up for a monthly subscription ($10, $25, or $50). This kind of support is critical to continue doing this important work in the future.

All items requested are purchased brand new. All items are requested by including a specific link to a store and then they are purchased online by HYH and sent directly to the address requested. Examples of requested items are: diapers, bicycles, toys, clothing, furniture, air conditioning units and anything else that is needed.

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