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About HYH

Hearts You Hold is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support migrants, immigrants, asylees and refugees by taking the time to ask them what they need or want.

Eloise, founder of HYH with a family in front of a HYH booth.

We believe...

Immigrants, migrants, asylees and refugees should feel valued, respected, and appreciated.

Only the individual themselves know what they want or need, and it’s critical to take the time to ask them.

HYH provides an easy way for people to show their support by funding specific items that have been requested.

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Supporting newcomers

Newcomers to this country have usually made the difficult decision to leave their home country for a variety of hardship reasons. HYH was created in 2019 to be just one tool in the wide range of services needed to help people acclimate to a new home and become independent and self fulfilled.

Three Fuerza members sitting together on a porch step.

Our background

The HYH founder came from a background of public school teaching and principalship, and developed the HYH structure by closely modeling an educational program called Donors Choose. The underlying value is that the folks in need are the only ones who know how and what will fill the need. This model also includes little stories about the recipients so that donors can get to know them in a small way which helps them choose who they decide to support.

Founder of HYH

Grass-roots community

HYH has been growing in a grass roots way since it was founded. We continue to add new Connecting Organizations as well as volunteers and donors. We are extremely proud of the number of requests that have been funded. It is proven true every day that people are very generous and are looking for meaningful ways to support those in need. The support of our work comes in many different forms: donors, volunteers, folks sharing on social media and just words of encouragement and appreciation!

Connecting Organization case worker wearing her HYH t-shirt in Egypt

We're on a mission

To support, in a concrete material way, migrants, immigrants, asylees and refugees.

To determine, facilitate, and provide what individuals need & want.

To celebrate the organizations who represent and support migrants, immigrants, asylees and refugees.

From generous hearts to deserving hearts;
donations of love & respect.