Mississippi Immigration Rights Alliance

The Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance (MIRA) uses advocacy, education, organizing and legal services to expand and protect the rights of immigrants and their families in Mississippi. It was founded 19 ears ago and has six hard working employees. Currently, they are serving 1200 clients. Lately, they have been working day and night to alleviate the suffering caused by the recent ICE raids. They have developed a system where they can reach out to families affected by the raids and have been able to pay some of their bills such as rent or utilities. This work is invaluable and keeps people in their homes during this difficult period. They also contribute to multiple food banks that supply food and other basic necessities. When asked what challenges they face, they responded - "Stretching limited resources to serve the vulnerable population of Mississippi immigrants and their families; facing racism and xenophobia both in local interactions and national policy; maintaining enthusiasm in the greater community for the work that we do." When asked what keeps you going and gives you hope? They responded - "The people we help experience life changing successes including being able to work and live legally in the United States, obtaining citizenship,  and bringing family members to live here."

From generous hearts to deserving hearts; Donations of love and respect