Catholic Charities Atlanta

Hearts You Hold is proud to welcome Catholic Charities Atlanta as a Connecting Organization! This organization was founded in 1953 and provides supportive services that enable families to overcome barriers and achieve self-sufficiency. They have 66 people on their staff and serve over 12,000 clients annually. When Sr. Director of Refugee Services, Frances McBrayer, was asked about the challenges of the work, she replied, “We are in an environment where people are very vocal about their lack of compassion for some of the most vulnerable among us. These negative messages can translate into very real barriers that make it even more difficult for individuals and families to access the resources they need. We continue to see clients facing a variety of challenges and need additional funding to serve clients more holistically in order to help them achieve lasting self-sufficiency.” The impact of this organization is impressive-
-94% of refugees in our employment program are self-sufficient within 6 months of arriving to the US.
-91% of children in our refugee after-school program improve reading ability
-54% of students in our ESL/Civics classes advance a level in English functioning
-94% of parents in our in-home parenting education program improve their relationship with their children
-87% of clients in our mental health counseling program show improvement during the service period
HYH will be one other way that this amazing organization can support their clients as both organizations are aligned in the same belief “that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Catholic Charities Atlanta employees and volunteers live that message every single day.”

From generous hearts to deserving hearts; Donations of love and respect