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Requests are listed by most current at the top. Please consider scrolling to the bottom of the list to fund requests that have been waiting the longest. Thank You! 

All of the requests on this page are from specific individuals, families or organizations. One of the core values of HYH is: only the individuals themselves know what they want or need and that it is critical to take the time to ask them. When you fund a request, you are providing something that not only the individual, family or organization needs but you are also supporting another HYH core value which is: immigrants, migrants and refugees should feel valued, respected and appreciated. Basically, your support is saying, “we love you and the fact that you are here!”

Looking for a unique gift for someone?
Fund a request and we will send him/her a little gift box with a description of the request inside and any personal message you would like us to add.
When you check out just check off the box that it is a gift and leave the address to send it to in the comment section.

Walmart Gift Card #5

Our team provides emergency assistance to refugee and immigrant families facing crises, such as health crises or job loss. Gift cards help so much by easing the financial burden on these families and helping pay for food and other essentials. Thank you!

Catholic Charities Atlanta serves refugee and immigrant families during their first few years in the United States. Many of the families we serve come from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central-East Africa, and Central America.

$ 230
Catholic Charities Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

Enfamil Baby Formula

$ 41
Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance - MIRA
Jackson, MS
Request Funded

Toddler Clothing

$ 166
Request Funded

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