FUERZA - Dartmouth College

The FUERZA Migrant Outreach group at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH has been in existence since the spring of 2018.

FUERZA was founded with the purpose to build long-term, reciprocal relationships with migrant laborers in the Upper Valley and provide invaluable resources that will allow them to be self-advocates. Our immediate goal is to provide English literacy in order to facilitate interactions with community members and migrant workers. We have approximately 15 members who are serving about 20 migrant farm workers.

Our hope is that the migrant farm workers feel that they have support from Dartmouth and Upper Valley community members. It is our goal to create lasting relationships built on mutual respect and care that foster a sense of belonging for the workers.

Proudly, through our collaborative efforts, we have provided English lessons for farm workers in nearby farms and have organized social events in which the workers from different farms have a safe space to interact and enjoy themselves. We have also requested, funded and delivered over 20 self selected items for the farm workers.

From generous hearts to deserving hearts; Donations of love and respect